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Introduction to Rolex Watches
On this website you can view all models of Rolex watches that we buy and sell. These include the popular Rolex Submariner, Cosmograph Daytona, Sea-dweller, Explorer & Explorer II, GMT & GMT2, Datejust, Date, Lady Date, Air King and more. The models that we have currently in stock can be seen by visiting our Rolex Catalogue.

Rolex on this site are divided into the following categories to make your visit as convenient as possible: Modern Gents Rolex, Modern Ladies Rolex and Vintage Rolex Watches. All watches are listed alphabetically for your convenience. You can speak to other Rolex watch owners in our online Forum

Watch Facilities on Website
We offer the facility for you to buy Rolex Watches and also to sell or upgrade watches you currently own. Complete one of our Online Contact Forms for a same day valuation. You can then either send the watch into us or call us to make an appointment.

We also have a Rolex Serial Number Guide where you can date your rolex watch by its serial number. This is useful if you are looking to buy a pre-owned Rolex Watch or looking to sell your own as we will be able to give you a closer valuation if we know the exact age of the watch. Our Serial Number Guide goes back as far as 1925 so this tool is useful to date Vintage Rolex Watches too!

Rolex Models
Here are a list of a selection of Rolex models with their details. We sell both new and second hand Rolex:

A History of Rolex Watches
Hans Wilsdorf founded the company we now know as Rolex in 1905. Born in Kulmbach, Germany in 1881, the company, Wilsdorf & Davies, was based in London. By 1908 it had become one of the leading watch companies in the UK. It was in this year that he coined the name Rolex.

Official Chronometer Certification was awarded to Rolex in 1910 from the “Bureau Officiel” in Switzerland, the first time this had ever been given to a wristwatch. This was to be the first of many accolades awarded to the watch, including the Class A Precision from the Kew Observatory in 1914.

In 1926 the Rolex Oyster was released. It was the first wristwatch to be considered waterproof, proven a year later when the watch was worn by the swimmer Mercedes Gleitze in his successful bid to cross the English Channel. This was beneficial to Wilsdorf whom had sponsored the event and gained considerable exposure for his new Oyster Watch. Wilsdorf recognized the importance of advertising and marketing his creation in order to gain publicity and prestige. 1931 saw the creation of the Perpetual Rotor, a mechanism now seen as the basis for self-winding movements. In the following years Rolex released the first Oyster Perpetual Lady-date (1954) the GMT Master with dual time zone function (1955) and the first Day-Date (1956).

Andre Heiniger took over the company following the death of Hans Wildorf on 06 July 1960. Rolex continued to invent and innovate in terms of technical skill and style throughout the 2nd half of the century. The Sea-dweller (1967) was certified as reaching depths of up to 1,220 meters making it the choice for Professional Divers - a point that was quickly adopted in advertising the model. The Explorer II (1978) and Cosmograph Daytona (1988) were also released to international waiting lists securing Rolex as one of the worlds most prestigious watch brands.

Rolex Dateline

1905 - Hans Wildorf establishes a London firm specialising in the distribution of watches.

1908 - Wildorf coins a brand name in which to sign his creations: Rolex.

1910 - In Switzerland, Rolex obtains the first official chronometer certification ever awarded to a wristwatch.

1914 - The Kew Observatory in Great Britain awards the Rolex wristwatch a CLASS A precision certificate.

1926 - Rolex develops and patents the first airtight, dustproof and waterproof watch - named the Oyster.

1927 - The Rolex Oyster crosses the English Channel unscathed.

1931 - Birth of the Perpetual Rotor, a self winding mechanism later found in every modern automatic watch.

1945 - The Oyster Datejust is invented. The first watch to display the date automatically.

1953 - Rolex has created the diving watch of reference - the Submariner.

1954 - The Oyster Perpetual Ladydate is introduced.

1955 - The Oyster GMT Master is designed making it possible to read the time in any two time zones.

1956 - The Oyster Day-Date is created.

1960 - The so called Bathyscaphe is created and plunges 35,787 feet into the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean.

1967 - The Oyster Sea-Dweller is invented - waterproof to a depth of 610 m / 2001 ft.

1971 - The Oyster Explorer II is designed.

1978 - The Oyster Perpetual Date Sea-Dweller is tested waterproof to a depth of 1220 m / 4003 ft.

1988 - The first Cosmograph Daytona is fitted with a perpetual rotor.

1992 - A new model is added to the Professioanl range - the Yacht-Master.

2004 - Submariner celebrates its 50th Anniversary. Rolex celebrates with a special commemorative model with a green bezel and unique black dial.

Current Rolex Models

The current Rolex collection include Oyster Perpetual Air King, Date, Datejust, Day-Date, Oysterquartz, Submariner, Explorer, Explorer II, Sea-Dweller 4000, GMT Master II, Yacht-Master, Cosmoograph Daytona, Lady Oyster Perpetual, Lady-Date, Lady Datejust and Lady Datejust Pearlmaster.

For details on other Swiss Watch Manufacturers take a look at our Watch History Page, the Official Links Page and our Watch Glossary which explains the terminology used by horologists. You can also view our Rolex Watches from within our catalogue which is updated throughout the day.

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